Before the Kickstart program, I was really unhappy with my weight and lack of daily activity, and felt lost with where to go. I had tried a bunch of different diets and weight loss plans, but nothing seemed to ever stick. Any weight that I lost, I would gain back within a few short weeks.


Emily's Kickstart program is set up in a way that helps you learn about the fundamentals of nutrition, while providing you with the tools and resources you need to establish and develop healthy and sustainable HABITS. Each week, we were given a new topic to focus on, educational materials to read and reflect on, and new goals to aim for and accomplish. One of my favorite aspects of the program was how each week built off the previous week, and that she made learning about nutrition and developing new habits FUN! Each new topic gave me something to look forward to, and something exciting to learn about and focus on each week.


Throughout the Kickstart program, I learned what worked well for me, how to properly fuel my body, and how to establish goals and habits that worked for ME.


I was blown away by Emily's professionalism, the educational materials she shared, and how thoughtful and personalized her feedback was. Emily provided constant support throughout the program and always made sure I was set up for success each week. You can tell how much she cares about the people she's working with, and how much she invests in helping you find your WHY and develop new habits that work for YOU.


After Kickstart, I felt like a whole new person. I developed a deeper understanding of what I need to fuel my body, how food affects me, and how to set myself up for success each and every day. I am a lot more active, more energetic, and feel a whole lot better about myself physically and mentally. If you're looking for a program that will help teach you how to build healthy habits that last a lifetime, Emily's Kickstart program is the way to go!


Mountain View, CA

I have always been a hard worker ,and quite honestly pride that as my greatest attribute. I strive to be the best in everything that I do, and always believed hard work was the only way to get there. I had been doing CrossFit for a little over a year prior to working with Emily, and reached a point where I felt like the workouts weren’t enough, that I had leftover reserve when I left the gym every day. Having the personality type I do, I never want to stop until I feel like I can’t do anymore, but I didn’t know how to do more without hurting myself or over stressing my body. I had the desire for more, but didn’t know where to even begin.


Emily has helped me in a wide variety of ways including strength, endurance, appropriate scaling, and speed. The area she’s helped me more than I can explain is in learning how to intelligently make the most of every day as a chance to grow. She’s taught me how to work smarter in the gym. For me, this has meant extra lifting that works in conjunction with the day’s workout, so I’m not over stressing my muscles. This also means quick and simple accessory movements that add so much without hurting myself. This also meant REST: learning how, when and why rest is the most important part of any growth. I’ve been amazed by how quickly I’ve seen my weights climb, and my ability to do movements grow. I’ve finally figured out how to do wall balls, which were previously my enemy. I can do strict chest-to-bar pull ups!!!! And sets of 10 or more hand stand push-ups don’t feel out of reach. It is amazing to see how quickly I’ve improved, and I cannot wait for Open 2019 to show everyone else what a working smarter, along with harder can do.


Charlotte, North Carolina

Before working with Emily, I was following a diet template that saw results (aka I lost weight). But I was dramatically under eating (like 1100-1300 calories/day) and could see the impact in my performance at the gym: burning out quickly in workouts, decrease in strength on lifts, general lack of energy. 


After the Open, I made the commitment to rethink nutrition, and I jumped on board with a one-on-one, customized program with Emily.


We had two goals: lean out a bit and improve performance in the gym (leaner + stronger + sustained energy). And man was I shocked when I saw how much i got to eat!  She increased my calories by almost 700/day!  I was nervous. I’d under eaten for so long, I thought that’s what my body needed to maintain weight. To my surprise - after upping my calories - I saw almost IMMEDIATE improvement in the gym (I stopped burning out 5 mins into a WOD!), and I was visibly leaning out. 7 weeks later, I’m not only thrilled with my gym progress/performance, I’m beach ready 


Consistency is key! Food isn’t the enemy. Calories are FUEL. Emily knows what’s she’s doing.  And we are just getting started...


Charlotte, North Carolina

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