Hi, I'm Emily, and I help successful professionals (just like you) achieve their goals and show up BIG in the world with a mindful & balanced approach to nutrition & fitness.


A solid foundation of health & fitness leads to a happier overall life.  Whether your goals are to be able to play with your kids or grandkids, perform in athletics, or simply feel confident in your body, I will create a customized plan to get you to your goals and support you every step of the way. 


A dedication to building healthy habits lets us enjoy all that life has to offer. I will help you find the fun in fitness and support you in the lifestyle choices needed to reach your goals. You will get in shape, feel good about yourself, and enjoy your life to the fullest potential.


As most of us know, exercise alone is not always enough to get us to our goals.  Good nutrition helps us look, feel, and perform our best.


I will create an evidence-based nutrition plan that you can immediately put into action to reach your goals and build the best YOU!


 Regular exercise helps build lean mass to keep us fit, healthy, and functional for our lives. 


I will deliver customized workouts coaching, support, and accountability. You will increase your physical capacity and improve your overall health and wellness.​


There is no one size fits all approach to health and fitness and I am passionate about helping you find the right path to YOUR success.

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