In Defense of Carbs

February 16, 2018

Recently, I have been getting a lot of questions about carbs. Are carbs good? Are carbs bad? Can I eat carbs? Will carbs make me fat?  As always, it depends. But here's my take on carbs.



Why You Should Eat Carbohydrates


1.  GAINS. You train. You want to see results.



2.  FUEL: Carbs give you the fuel you need for your workouts. You want to perform well in your workouts.


3.  RECOVERY: You workout. Therefore you are stressing your muscles. Therefore you need to replenish your body and recover from muscle damage.  You want to prevent muscle breakdown and help your body recover.



4.  HORMONES: Eating carbs stimulates the thyroid to give your body a better hormonal balance. You want your hormones to be balanced because they make sure your body functions properly.


5.  DIGESTION: You need fiber from carbs to help with those bowel movements. You want to have regular digestion.


6.  STRESS: Eat carbs —> produce insulin —> shut off cortisol (stress hormone).  Consistently elevated cortisol can cause weight gain and puts your body is a steady state of stress. You want to limit stress.



7.  SLEEP: Carbs lower your cortisol hormone and allow your body to get into a natural hormonal rhythm so when it’s time for bed it will start producing melatonin. Sleep = recovery for the body, muscle gains, fat loss.  This is where the magic happens, carbs help make it happen. You want to sleep.


8.  HEALTHY BODY, HEALTHY MIND. Depriving yourself of foods you enjoy is not sustainable and actually detrimental to your long term health. Just as important as what you put into your body is what your mind says about it.  Restrictive eating is not good for your body or your mind. You want a healthy body and healthy mind.



9.  NUTRIENTS: Foods that are labeled as carbs also have important vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function. Get these from real food that also happen to be carbs. Fruits and Veggies...are carbohydrates.  They are also chock full of those nutrients 👆🏼 that your body NEEDS.  Eat them. You want to feed your body the nutrients it needs.


10.  GOALS: Eating carbs can help you achieved your long term goals. Whether that is fat loss, strength gains, performance, leaning out, whatever it may be. You want to achieve your goals, so eat some carbs.



11.  LIFE:  Chances are you are going to be going to social events, having dinners with your family, holidays, birthdays, etc. sometime in the near future. Even greater chance that there will be carbs are these events. Eating Living a healthy, balanced life is important to your overall mental and physical health. You want to live your life.


Hope you liked this post! Remember that everyone's body is different and the key to long term health is to find the right eating habits for YOUR body.  There is no right way to eat, it's about finding the right way for YOU.


If you need more help figuring out what kind of carbs or how much you should be consuming for your body and goals, hit me up at




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