What's the BEST diet?!

January 31, 2018





6 minutes abs?
21 day fat loss?

30 day clean eating challenge?
10 minutes fat blaster?


...Etc etc etc?

While these sound awesome in theory (come on, admit it), we all know deep down that these “too good to be true” fads are just that. Even though we get sucked in with flashy advertisements and social media claims, we want to believe it but we know the truth...


If these claims were true, everyone would be walking around with six pack abs and be lean AF. The truth is that many claims are just gimmicks to get you to buy into whatever someone's selling. This is why so many people end up regaining much of the weight loss during these “challenges” and diets. Of course rapid weight loss can occur, but it’s what happens after the weight loss that matters. You look back three months after the “challenge” and you’re right back to where you were when you started. 


Paleo, Keto, Low carb, High carb, IIFYM, Whole30, South Beach, Atkins, Juice Cleanse, Detox.....


Why do these diets/trends/promises fail? 


Because there is no quick fix. Because there is no BEST diet. Because in a 30 day challenge you are not actually developing habits that fit YOUR lifestyle. You are following a list of rules and counting down the days until it is over so you can go back to eating the foods you love. Because if you choose to follow what Instagram says is the BEST DIET or the the latest trending food craze, you are not necessarily finding the BEST DIET FOR YOU.


Could we lose weight by not eating carbs for a month? OF COURSE. But what happens when the no-carb month is over and we want to enjoy a dinner out with friends and family? What happens? We binge on bread and pasta and we’re right back to where we were before we started. There was no sustainable change created. A week or two later, we've regained the weight and are as confused as ever about how to achieve our goals.



So let’s change this cycle! Let’s stop following trending diets, the latest fad diet, the 30 Day Challenges, and let’s develop long-lasting habits that actually work for our lives. Let's start small, choose one habit, and aim for consistency.


Let’s stop trying to fit our life into our diet and start fitting our diet into our life. 

Let me be clear: any one of these given diets CAN work for you and your body. One of these might be the BEST diet for YOU. The key is to find the one that fits in with your life, and the one you can consistently follow over time. Many of my clients have asked me, “so it really is that simple?” YES - it really is that simple. The hard part is taking the time and energy to turn 30-day changes into lifelong changes. Consistency over time is what will get you to your real goals and help you stay there. When you simplify your nutrition, develop consistency for your body, and  track your progress it over time, it’s amazing to see the sustainable results.  



When you buy into flashy advertisements, quick fixes, and the latest diet trend, you might lose weight, but you may also regain it as soon as you hit days 31 and beyond of your 30-day challenge…

Instead of continuously trying to fit your life into a diet, let’s build eating habits based on the following questions:


How am I eating today? Can I see myself eating this way one year from now?


What about two years or even five years from now...can I see myself eating this way?

NOT one week, not thirty days.

Not even three months.  

We’re talking months… years… a lifetime! YOUR lifetime.


If the way you're eating NOW is not possible to continue eating beyond a few weeks or months, it's not the right diet for you. If you want to succeed, it comes down to your ability to be consistent.  If you cannot be consistent cutting carbs, don't cut out your carbs.  If you cannot be consistent eating low-fat, that's probably not the right route for you.


Next time, we'll talk more about how to start small with simple habits and how to build consistency over time. We'll also talk about the importance of focusing on consistency and progress, not perfection. 


As always, hit me up with any questions, comments, or feedback @emjukesdaly or dalyhealthfitness@gmail.com 



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