Quick Tips to ENJOY the Holiday Season

December 17, 2017

Alright guys! With the holiday season already HERE I’ve got a few quick tips to help you not just survive all the indulgent temptations, but ENJOY the season and its delicious foods, while staying on track with your health goals. 



1. Eat the foods you LOVE (mom's homemade dessert), skip the ones you don’t (grocery store cookies, questionable-looking cake someone from work left in the break room, random bowls of candy). Remember, you don’t HAVE to eat something just because it’s there.

2. Stay hydrated! Start your mornings with 16 oz of water and drink seltzer or club soda in between glasses of wine at dinner.


3. Move a little every day. Can’t make it to the gym? No worries! Just try to get a little movement each day, whether that’s going for a long walk with your family or hitting a quick circuit. A great workout literally can take 10 minutes, and a little movement will go a long way.

Try this one out:
10:00 timer, try to get as many rounds as you can. One round is:
10 burpees
10 air squats
10 sit ups

4. Practice positive self talk! Don’t bemoan yourself for indulging a bit- it is okay! Your health is NOT all-or-nothing, don’t dwell on it. Focus on the positive things you HAVE been doing and building healthy habits. Enjoy your food, move on, and add an extra serving of veggies at your next meal.

5. Plan FUN physical activities to do with the family that don’t revolve around food. Think: ice skating, hiking, going to the park, walking (instead of driving) to look at Christmas lights, bowling, etc.


6. Portion your plate by filling it up with veggies first (try for one half to one third of your plate), then adding your favorite meats and sides! Wait ten minutes before you go for seconds, and see if you are truly still hungry or not.



7. Slow down! So you can actually ENJOY what you’re eating. Chew your food, put down your fork between bites, TALK with your friends and family at the table!

If you have any questions or want more help strategizing for an upcoming holiday party shoot me an email at dalyhealthfitness@gmail.com or on insta @emjukesdaly


Merry Christmas Everyone! Enjoy the time with friends and family!




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