How to Actually Achieve Your Goals

December 29, 2017

Hey Everyone!  


With New Year's Resolutions and 2018 right around the corner, now is the time about GOAL SETTING. We've all done it, we've set countless goals in our lives. Whether it's setting a S.M.A.R.T. goal at work for your latest project (or because your boss told you to), setting a goals at the gym to achieve a new personal best, or setting a goal to get healthy and lose weight. You’ve probably achieved some of your goals, and others fell to the wayside. For the latter, the question is then - WHY? Why when we set goals, do we not achieve them??  


One huge factor is that actually achieving a goal, in any part of our life (work, gym, health, relationships) comes down to our DAILY HABITS. If we want to make a real change and achieve a goal that is important to us, we have to think about the behaviors and daily habits that align with our goal.  We then must focus on these behaviors and habits, THE PROCESS, and let the outcome take care of itself.


Let's look at a real life example.


Many people around this time of year will be setting a weight loss goal such as: I will lose 10 lbs. But what will actually get someone to lose those 10 lbs? Focusing on the daily habits and behaviors, NOT focusing on losing 10 lbs.  It might sound counterintutitve, but the key here is to focus on the process, not the outcome.


Using the goal as a starting point, and then backwards planning the behaviors and DAILY habits necessary for the goal is the way to go. For example, if the goal is to lose 10 lbs, then we need to develop behaviors and habits that will lead to this outcome.  Sample daily habits would be:


1. Go on a walk or get some type of activity for 20 minutes.

2. Eat three servings of vegetables.

3. Swap out soda for sparkling water at lunch.


THEN, instead of focusing energy on the 10 lbs, or worse, the SCALE, focus the energy on those habits.  Create a checklist in your planner/journal/ etc. and check off each habit you complete daily.  Aim for consistency, NOT perfection.


In 2018, whether your goals are health related, work related, gym related, or even with your relationships, the process of creating daily habits will help you towards ACHIEVING your goal.  


I’ve seen great success recently with my personal, business, and gym related goals by using a planner and journal to set goals, and to track my behaviors and daily habits. This way of thinking helped me focus on and enjoy the process, rather than stressing or worrying about the outcomes or ending. By focusing on daily habits, I taught myself how to walk on my hands (seriously never thought I could do this), I began a daily journaling practice, and even started eating vegetables at breakfast.

So, with 2018 about to sneak up on us, think about one goal that is very important to you and craft two or three daily habits that will that you lead you towards that goal.  If you need help creating habits, hit me up on at or on the gram @emjukesdaly and I'd be happy to collaborate with you! Send me a message with your goal and habits- I'd love to hear about them! 





P.S. Don’t believe me? Check out some of the best in the biz who abide by this same philosophy and who have been crushing their goals using this same strategy:  


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And here are some great resources for building daily habits:


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