“Before working with Emily, I was frustrated, constantly tired, and the heaviest I'd been in years. Despite multiple attempts, I never seemed to make meaningful change to my health.


I lost 10 pounds through Emily's program. Somehow, though, that’s the least important change that occurred over the last seven week. Emily helped me understand that I am always in control of my health and body—that I don’t have to let society or work pressure me into making poor decisions. She taught me not to let perfection be the enemy of good when it comes to nutrition and wellness. She showed me that I absolutely can eat all of my favorite foods (chocolate, beer, and deviled eggs) while still getting after my goals. Under Emily’s guidance, I also learned how great I can feel and how well my body will perform when I give it the nutrition and sleep it needs. I literally set more personal records at the gym in the last six weeks than in the entire year before hand (including increasing my 1 rep max back squat by 40 pounds). Give Emily's program your time. She will change your life. She definitely changed mine.” 


—  Mary G., Charlotte, NC


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