Are you frustrated with the countless attempts you've made to be healthy? Are you tired of restricting yourself all week long to only eat everything on the weekend??
Are you over fad diets and just want something that actually works for your life and your goals? Are you confused by the massive amounts of conflicting information on the internet on how to "be healthy?"
Do you want to learn how to develop REAL LIFE healthy habits that you can use for the rest of your life? 

Join my 6-Week Health Kickstart to learn about the fundamentals of nutrition and how to properly fuel your body to achieve your unique goals. 

You don't need to follow an overly restrictive diet to achieve your goals. You can (and should) still eat foods that you love. You don't need to live out of tupperware containers or decline all social invitations either. I will teach you how to find the balance between living your best life and achieving your health goals!
You need accountability, you need knowledge, and you need to learn how to eat to achieve your goals. 

I am passionate about helping people how to transform their daily habits so they can live their BEST lives. I teach people how to get off the "diet" train and learn how build healthy real-world habits so they can live a life they love. 

I don't believe in quick fixes or crash diets. Instead, The 6-Week Health Kickstart will teach you how to build healthy habits that last a lifetime.


You will learn:​

  • How much food to eat.

  • What kinds of foods to prioritize.

  • Why food quality and eating your vegetables matters.

  • Easy ways to move more to boost your metabolism. 

  • How to sleep better, sleep more, and why that matters for fat loss and health. 


​You will receive:

  • Six weeks of in depth personalized, coaching, targetd education, tracking, and monitoring of progress

  • One bonus week for nutritional consult and set up

  • 100% digital agccess so you can participate in the kickstart from anywhere!


  • Initial consult to understand current health patterns and goals

  • Analysis of eating habits and health status

  • Nutrition action plan

  • Customized spreadsheet with weekly goals, progress monitoring and data tracking

  • Weekly check ins via email 

  • Consistent monitoring, accountability, support and guidance

  • Food log monitoring and food choice suggestions

  • Education and direct coaching focused on building healthy habits

  • Fundamental health skill development focused on the key pillars of health

  • Unlimited email access and continuous support

  • Weekly BONUS material!


  • Seven full weeks of health and nutrition coaching for $375.

  • I truly believe that investing in your health is the best investment you can make and if you're here you do TOO!


“Before the Kickstart, I was frustrated, constantly tired, and the heaviest I'd been in years. Despite multiple attempts, I never seemed to make meaningful change to my health.


I lost 10 pounds through Emily's Kickstart program. Somehow, though, that’s the least important change that occurred over the last seven week. Emily helped me understand that I am always in control of my health and body—that I don’t have to let society or work pressure me into making poor decisions. She taught me not to let perfection be the enemy of good when it comes to nutrition and wellness. She showed me that I absolutely can eat all of my favorite foods (chocolate, beer, and deviled eggs) while still getting after my goals. Under Emily’s guidance, I also learned how great I can feel and how well my body will perform when I give it the nutrition and sleep it needs. I literally set more personal records at the gym in the last six weeks than in the entire year before hand (including increasing my 1 rep max back squat by 40 pounds). Give Emily six weeks. She will change your life. She definitely changed mine.” 


—  Mary G., Charlotte, NC